Travelling to Puerto de Pollenca, Mallorca, Spain: Part 5

The last two days of our first time journey to a little part of Spain, takes us to a magnificient cave and liquor testing.

Cuevas dels Hams

Once again we went along a tourist bus on a fieldtrip. We didn’t have much expectation about the cave part since none of us had really been in a cave before. Regardless this is probably one of the experiences of the trip I for one will have in my mind for a very long time.

When arriving with the bus you could tell there was something special with the place. There were a lot of trees, less people yet a lot of cars and buses, and the whole place seemed a bit off the map. Once entering the actual place of the cave area, the air was humid and it got a bit colder the further down we went. We were recommended to bring an extra shirt, which we didn’t really need, down in the caves, you could tell why they made that recommendation.

The cave itself was beautifully decorated with light spots in different colors everywhere to show off the taps in the ceiling and on the floor. It was all made very artistically and walking around down there in flip-flops (cause who wears anything but on a vacation in the middle of summer to Spain…?) made it feel really surrea and like it was from an other world.


A bit in to the cave there was a light show with projectors pointed to grainy walls of parts of the cave. There was music, dancing, slide shows - all the while there was a man on a boat carefully rowing the boat through what looked like a really narrow hole between the walls.

Liquor testing

After have experienced the magic of Cueavas del Hams, we were taken to a liqour store. And no, it’s not really what you think it is. It kind of is. Yet not. I’ll explain.

Though a liqour store, it mostly sold shot material. There were everything from almond flavored shots to “the forbidden drink” - which we of course had to buy with us home.

The experience from this store was both good and bad - a bit like the experience in Western Waterpark in Magaluf - nice rollercoasters but ouch-y on my feet.

Anyway, the reason to this is that although there were a lot of flavors to choose from, every thing were room tempered. Which brought forth the flavors but weren’t that nice to drink since room temperatured in Mallorca is basically luke-warm. 
Despite all of this, we still brough a lot of liqour with us home. Some because we found the bottle to be cute, others because we liked the flavor.

It was an eventful second last day to say at least.

8 days richer

So how was the trip over all? It was great. Yet somehow not as great as when we were in Crete. It’s stupid to compare since it’s two different countries but Mallorca is more of a paradise for people who liked to sunbathe and walk on the beach. Even if there were a lot of food to choose from, it felt a bit too close to home. Everything was more or less the same and everything we actually wanted to taste like tapas, often cost a fortune.

Okay, so the trip wasn’t really that bad. It was nice going away, meeting new people, seeing different places and collecting new memories. Some of which I’ll have with me for a long, long time. It just won’t be a place I’ll be revisiting. It seemed like we’ve seen it all during these 8 days. At least everything that we deem worth seeing at least.

So what now?

Well I am an adventurous gal that loves to tease so don’t tell anyone but three months after our trip from Mallorca ended, we were going to being another, shorter journey overseas. A journey that takes us to the wonderful capital of Hungary, the City of Bath, wonderful Budapest.

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