Travelling to Puerto de Pollenca, Mallorca, Spain: Part 3

Travelling to Puerto de Pollenca, Mallorca, Spain: Fourth day

Palma Aquarium

It’s adventure o’clock yet again, this time we decided we’d visit the capitol (or rather the largest city) of Mallorca, Palma.


Took about an hour ride with the local bus to get to Palma city. A route we’ve been down before since this was more or less the exact way the transfer bus took us the first day from the airport to the hotel. After that ride, it was another 30-40 minute bus ride to Palma aquarium. Needless to say it was a long trip and we didn’t arrive until late afternoon.


Once there, we didn’t really realize how big the place was. The entrance was quite small and at first glance, it looked like it’d take about half an hour to walk through. Of course we couldn’t be more wrong.


After have spent about 30 minutes going to a tunnel with different facts, we arrive to the actual park. It had serveral sections with everything from small jellyfishes to huge tanks containing tuna fishes, stingrays and white sharks.


We’d both been to aquariums before but this was another experience. Being that close to something that big and powerful gets you this overwhelming feeling that in this huge world, we really aren’t that big in comparasion to other animals. Humans just like to take a lot of space and think we’re bigger than we actually are.

Puerto de Pollenca by night

After our little adventure to Palma we got tired from the heat and all the walking, so we decided to go back to Pollenca before it got too late.


Once again we strolled down the streets of Puerto de Pollenca, found ourselves a restaurant to eat our dinner at.


When the night finally fell and we stopped having to drink water every 10 minutes because of the heat and the fear of being dehydrated, we decided to take a night walk along the beach. On our way back to the hotel we found a beach bar we just couldn’t help but visit.


Taking a seat by the bar, with local Spanish muscians playing live on the opposite site, it was one cozy and romantic moment to remember. Not to mention the view of the rest of Puerto de Pollenca when the night has fallen, where about every restaurant along the harbor is filled with energic and happy people ready to end the night in the best possible way - close to the beach and ocean.


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