Travelling to Puerto de Pollenca, Mallorca, Spain: Part 2

Time for some adventures!

We’d been relaxing the first three days at Mallorca so now it was time for some adventures! We had bought some tickets for a few trips to explore Mallorca as much as we could in the time we had left here. 
First stop was a few hour stop at Marineland to then continue spending a couple of hours at Western Water Park before heading back to the hotel again.


Marineland is a fairly huge area filled with exotic animals with everything from peacocks, sea lions to penguins and parrots.

The guide we had with us on the bus recommended the parrot show, which was a real thrill since the show interacted a lot with the audience, the bird did some tricks such as riding a bicycle and counting peanuts.


Through and through, this was an animal park as we’d expected it. Apart from the bird cage which you could actually walk into and interact and watch exotic birds, mostly parrots, up-close it was nothing really special. Though of course, it’s always fun watching animals you never see in real life up-close. Even if we are both a bit against animals behind cages.

Western Waterpark

After having our fun at Marineland, the guide gathered us all in the bus once again and we headed for Western Waterpark which was located in Magaluf.

Western Water Park is basically this huge waterpark with rides and activites for basically all ages. They had roller coasters, fountains, hot and cold jacuzzis, souvenir and ice cream shops, restaurants, sun beds. Name anything a water park could have, and they probably have it in some form.

The rides were quite fun and in really hot weather, the cold water that was everywhere was more than welcomed. The only downside to the park was the real hot ground. When it’s coming on to 30 degrees in the sun, the asphalt becomes so warm you can barely touch your feet against it before they start to burn. And that isn’t even the worse part. 
Hot, smooth ground is okay, but when they start mixing the asphalt with bigger pebels, that’s when it really starts to hurt. Not only does it burn your feet, but the bigger pebels start piercing your feet like you’re walking on knives. If you are ever to go to Western Waterpark, I recommend bringing socks because that almost ruined the whole trip.

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