Travelling to Puerto de Pollenca, Mallorca, Spain: Part 1

Ready for take off

The day had finally come for the first trip to Mallorca, which we had heard and seen a lot about, but had never been to.After a 2 hour flight we arrived to the beautiful, sunny and very hot Mallorca. We went straight to the hotel to check in which tells us it will take them about 30-40 minutes for them to prepare our room. Since we were feeling hungry anyway, we started food hunting. After all, it was 3 pm and we hadn’t eaten since 8 o’clock in the morning - not to mention it was about 26 degrees in the sun - we decided to settle for whatever was closest the hotel just to cool off.

So our first meal became one of which turned out to be a really common dish in Mallorca, grilled chicken with French fries. It was a bit of disappointment since it looked way better than it tasted. The fries were huge, soggy and tasteless, the salad it was served with was standard and nothing special, but at least the chicken was moist and delicious. Or maybe it was just us being extremely hungry. Bonus points to the restaurant for actually bringing us chicken directly from the grill though. Which we all know, rarely happens in Sweden.

The beach

Being fairly satisfied after our late lunch and after have checked in and changed into more comfortable clothes, we sat in the hotel bar, drank some ice cold mojitos and started exploring.

A few minutes from the hotel, we found the beach. And it was incredible; extremely soft, white sand, lukewarm water and barely any stones or algae in sight. This beach had everything the beaches in Sweden could never have. There were also a lot of tourists but what do you expect when visiting such a wonderful place?

Lobster paella for two, please!

After have walked for a while and actually realized we were going to be in this beautiful place for a week, we decided it was time for dinner. Not really caring what we wanted, we went into the first restaurant we deemed were worthy the visit of our first dinner at Puerto de Pollenca.

Unsure of what to order, we went for the ‘Lobster paella for two’ since it is after all an island we’re on and if there’s anything islands are known for, it’s their seafood. None of us are big fans of seafood but who can say no to lobster? And since we had ‘eating paella’ on our bucket list of things to do and eat while in Mallorca, we just couldn’t resist.

And boy were we happy we ordered the lobster paella! Sure it was a bit expensive, about 15€ per person, but it was so worth it and definitely worth the 30 minute wait.

It started with perfectly fried calamari for us to share, when we were finished with that our paella was served in a huge frying pan and plated right in front of us by the waitor - still boiling in the broth more or less.

Lobster paella

Words cannot describe how good that paella was. It contained giant shrimps, vongole mussles, common mussles and a whole lobster split in huge pieces - all of which you can tell just by the first bite, were really fresh. Everything in a broth with rice and vegetables - still sizzling. It might not have looked like much on the plate but my pallets were loving every bite of it. Sure it was a bit messy and it felt weird sitting in a restaurant with fair class eating with our fingers, but it was worth every cent of the money and every second of the wait.

We went into that restaurant with empty stomachs and came out two happy tourists being more than satisfied with the first day of our 8 day adventure in Puerto de Pollenca.

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