Working as a Support Technician

Hello! My name is Emy and I work as a full-time support technician at a web bureau/web hosting company in southern Sweden. This article will give you an insight in my daily work as a support technician, answering calls and replying to support mail. Let us begin.

All the calls

As my main title is support technician, my main job is to support our customers in everything surrounding related to the company. This includes replying to mails, answering calls and remote controlling customers’ computers to solve their problems.

The main problems our customers have are mail issues. These customers usually call as a lot of businesses and companies depends on their mails for daily work.

When it comes to the calls, it’s a bit of a 50/50 between needing help with setting up mail on their mail program, phone and/or tablet, and forgetting their password to either the control panel or their e-mail adress. You’d be surprised how many people actually have no clue of what their passwords are.

Tricky thing with answering calls is that it can come at any time between opening hours and each time the phone rings, you have to drop whatever thing you’re working on to answer that call. No exceptions. It does get a bit stressful sometimes, but after have worked with support and answering calls for almost 2 years, you kind of know what you’re dealing with.

The never-ending mails

Support mails are less stressful. You can handle them in your own pace and you can always ask a colleague without having to feel the stress of having the customer waiting for you on the other side of the line. Even though our customers are pretty understanding when it comes to that sort of things.

Mails can be a bit more tricky and more technical since mails can be about everything from changing of address of an account to code errors. Mails are also more tricky since you have to express yourself in another way than you do on the phone, it’s also harder to get to the bottom of the problem since customers usually don’t know exactly what’s wrong.

It can also take a lot of time for the customer to reply even when they feel it is urgent and after a while they become frustrated.

No matter how tricky or technical though, there seems to always be someone at the office who has a solution, whether it is to send passwords through snail mail or ask the customers to contact a third party for help, we always find a solution.

That’s my summary of me working as a support technician. An interesting job where you really do learn at least one thing a day. And if by chance I do not, at least I’ve helped solved a few problems.

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