Dota 2 Custom Game: Haunted Colosseum

Last year Valve chose not to release the Dota 2 halloween game mode called Diretide, a lot of people got upset about this. This year Dota 2 have come a lot further, since the somewhat shakey release of Dota 2 Reborn custom games have been a part of Dota 2. Custom games is a great way for Valve to give people a chance to make new games within the Dota 2 engine.

This is a great thing even though you might not play Dota for the custom games, don't forget that Dota was born as a custom game in Warcraft 3. Even though custom games is not in focus it's still there to help people get into the game and later on keeping the game alive.

Enough of that, now to Haunted Colosseum!

Haunted Colosseum

Haunted Colosseum is a small hero brawl game, each side have five players each and there is a pick phase like any other mode. When you get in game you start off with more gold than in a normal Dota 2 game but not enough to cash out luxury items at spawn.

At the top of the screen you can see a progress bar, or actually two progress bars. One for each team, showing how many points is needed to win. Below that bar you have five numbers, each number representing a checkpoint placed on the map. If one team control three checkpoints or more they start earning points.

The map itself is more or less just one road straight to the enemy base with the checkpoints along the way. But mind your step, there are multiple traps through out the map. Some will be triggered automatically and some require some sort of lever to be pulled. Some traps deadlier than others. [SPOILER] The blade in the middle will instantly kill anything it touches!

blade_opt (1).png

First team to reach 5000 points win.

Come back

When a team reaches 1000, 2000, 3000 or 4000 points golems will spawn. These golems hit hard, super hard. They can bring you down fast if you don't watch out. These golems will patrol the checkpoint in the middle unless they face any enemies on their way to the patrol.

The golem spawn can make you lose if you win too hard, so try not to do that! If you crush your enemy too hard 3-4 golems can come running for you. If this happens in the early game you are done.


I think the game was okay, I am not that much into the season custom games but I do like to try them out every year even if it just to check out some new game mechanics. The best heroes for this map is clearly those with high end game right clicks and sustain. Alchemist, Wraith King, Windrunner just to name a few. Supports are not that necessary.

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